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Exceptional Quality


The P&M Mechanical Difference

P & M Mechanical is not a franchise, it is family owned and operated by Michelle Leonard.


P & M Mechanical provides each homeowner with the assurance that your home is kept clean with drop cloths and our "No Work Boots Will Touch Your Floor" policy. Also a daily installer's checklist to insure nothing is forgotten.

You can also be assured that your home is always safe with our crews as we do an extensive criminal background check on all our installers.

Our Comfort Specialists are factory trained with continuing education thru our HVAC equipment manufacturers and The Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning among others.

P & M Mechanical installers are all personally trained by us.

Our company carries all necessary insurances such as liability, workers compensation, and we are licensed and bonded for your protection.

P & M Mechanical will pull all the necessary city permits for your installation.

P & M Mechanical is a local company that has been in business since 1988, with excellent references from many of your neighbors.

P & M Mechanical guaranties all work and has a great reputation for being clean, honest, and dependable.

                                                        "WE INSTALL THE BEST AND REPAIR THE REST"

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