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Answers to All Your Contracting Inquiries


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Over 20 years. We started P&M Mechanical in 1988.


Q: What is a rough plaster patch?

A: We will install drywall or button board lathe (typically when a wall or floor furnace is removed). However, we do not apply any wet plaster, therefore, we are happy to recommend an excellent plaster professional.
   (See referral list)

Q: What about roof repair?
A: Standard Felt Shingle roof repair is typically done by us. Wood shingle and tile repair is referred out to a roofing professional.
   (See referral list)

Q: Do I need a City Permit?
A: Yes. Mechanical, electrical, and sometimes plumbing permits are necessary. Any contractor failing to obtain the required building permits is violating the law and potentially exposing the homeowner to additional costs and liability. Many companies try to avoid the permit process because this allows them to cut corners, but we will not.

Q: What will happen if we do not pull permits?

A: Real Estate laws require you to disclose to potential buyers and appraisers whether or not you obtained required permits for work done on your house. If you do not obtain a permit you may be required to bring your home up to code for that work and you may have to pay penalty permit fees and fines prior to selling your home. Talk to anyone who has tried to sell a house with un-permitted work to find out the nightmares that can and will occur.

Q: When do we pay you?
A: Payment is normally due in full upon completion of work and upon passing city inspection.

Q: Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
A: YES. We are fully licensed, fully bonded, and fully insured for your protection.

Q: Who do we call in the unlikely event that we have a problem with our Equipment?
A: Call us. We are fully trained and carry an extensive inventory of parts for all the equipment we install.

Q: How often should my equipment be serviced?
A: In order to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, prolong equipment life, and satisfy all warranty requirements, Our HVAC equipment manufacturers recommend yearly maintenance. Filters should be replaced or cleaned as often as necessary. P&M Mechanical offers a Residential Energy Savings Agreement to meet your maintenance needs.

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