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What Our Clients Have to Say

We were ready to buy a new [air conditioner] but he saved the old one. The technician was Jack, whom I would ask for again. He was on time, friendly and very knowledgable. 

                 Leonard Gale
                 Rolling Hills, CA

Paul and Michelle were fabulous. Paul had come out two years earlier for an estimate. He articulated why adding air conditioning wasn't a good value and explained why my roof structure wouldn't make it so. When I called again in 2013, they still had bids from two years prior on file and were able to update them and send them out very quickly. I got confused by some of the options and they didn't hesitate to go through them with me multiple times. The timeline they provided was thorough and work took place right on schedule. Paul realized that there was a cost saving to be had and made sure we got it with no loss in quality and function. They looked out for us.

                 Stephanie Walton
                 Torrance, CA

P&M Mechanical came out to give a quote and go over our options. This went very smoothly and they provided plenty of information. After setting on the details, we were given an estimate we were happy with and decided to move forward. They scheduled a three day period in which to do the work. The workers showed up on time and were very pleasant. They did the work efficiently and did not cause any disruption in our daily routine.

After the work was complete, they helped schedule the city inspector. The inspector said they had done excellent work, although there was one issue with gas pressure. P&M promptly scheduled another visit and a minor leak was found and sealed. After the inspector returned and signed off on the work, P&M did a final walk-through and discovered one other minor issue the inspector missed (a small section that required insulation). This was also quickly fixed, and we have been very happy with the results. We appreciated the attention to detail that went into the job.

                 Brian Hawkins
                 Torrance, CA

First the owner spent over 45 minutes with me to assess the airflow issue. He drew pictures and took the time to explain to the problem and what it would take to repair. He quoted a two-day job and a two-day job it was. Did I mention that the owner came to the job on day one three times to survey the work and get the team off on the right start? The entire experience was an A++ in my book and I would use them again in a New York (okay Torrance) minute. The team was totally professional, respectful of my time and clean. During the entire process, Michelle walked me through what to expect in terms of timing, scheduling and inspection. This was a dream team to wrk with. Kudos to great customer.

                 Lisa Sheehan
                 Torrance, CA

Out of all the businesses we contacted, these guys were by far the best They took time to work with us to find the best plan to fit our budget and provided a quote on the spot. Everything is also arranged through the office so scheduling and communication was very easy. And I cannot forget to mention the levee of professionalism across the board from the office all the way to the men that came to do the installations. This is very competent and trustworthy company and I would definitely use them again.

                 Michlle Anyawu
                 Hawthorne, CA

The company was flexible and very accommodating. After their workers removed our old furnace, they gave us a few weeks to paint the cabinet wherein the new furnace would be installed. During this time we also installed the new grates below the cabinet. The new heater installation was completed on schedule. The city's Building and Safety Dept. inspected and signed off on the installation a few days ago.

                 Jean H Talaro
                 Torrance, CA

Hi Michelle and Paul,
Thank you again for installing the Rheem heater in our home. It should really come in handy during the winter months when it gets a little chilly. You will find below a review of our entire experience with your company. We give you our permission to post it on whatever websites you want, or use it however you choose: Thanks Michelle and Paul for installing the Rheem heater in our home. Michelle, I was so impressed with your cordial and professional manner on the phone from the very beginning. As I was speaking with you, you gave me such generous advice regarding the selection of an installer that I almost had to remind you that I had called because I wanted to make an appointment with P & M, and not someone else. It is with great satisfaction that I chose a company with the utmost integrity like yours. Paul, when you came to our house, you had so much knowledge about the intricacies of heaters -- you, obviously, keep up with your profession. You made it so easy to select the heater which was right for our house, and your installers did a masterful job of putting it in. The proof was when the inspector asked who did the installation because he was so impressed with the work. All in all, from the initial phone call, to the house visit, to the installation itself, we give the experience an A+.

                  Warmest regards,
                  The Whyte Family
                  Manahattan Beach, CA

Paul did an excellent job in explaining the systems, warranties, financing etc. In addition he conducted a very in depth post-installation. Luis and Jose were extremely professional in installing the new system, took the time to explain what they were doing as they progressed with the install and cleaned up at the end of each day. The office staff, Michelle and Joanne responded to my calls in a very timely manner, and were very pleasant to deal with. Your company is very fortunate to have P&M as a Trane Dealer.

                  Mr. Doyle
           Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The overall experience with P&M Mechanical was exceptional. My 52 yr old system failed during cold weather. The service was immediate, understandable options provided, very fair estimate and just plain good, solid, old-fashioned service. Not an expense I wanted during the holidays....but now, I have total peace of mind that my heating system is installed perfectly and my home is warm and safe. Because of P&M's recommendation of a Trane product, I had faith it was the right decision. Thanks for the opportunity to express how happy I am with P&M's service!
                  Gardena, CA

P&M Mechanical is a great company. I would strongly recommend them to anyone. Very professional and knowledgeable. Since the furnace was installed, I can't believe the difference between this one and my old one. It's night and day!!!! The Trane is so quiet! Thank you.


                  San Pedro, CA

Contractor (P&M Mechanical) was absolute professional. Very knowledgeable about the product as well as the installation process. Took the time to answer all our questions and was very prompt and courteous. Installers were fantastic, efficient and high caliber. Night and day improvement in our home heating system.

                  Mr. & Mrs. Wallace
                  Rancho Palos Vedres, CA

Thanks Joanne - Your entire staff, in the field & office, is professional & a pleasure to deal with. My customers or tenants also appreciate this. In these tough economic times I would expect more of this but have found the opposite, a strange world we have.

                  Best to you,
                  Grant Nakaoka,        Realtor   Gardena, CA

Customer Statements

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